TRENDS 2014 Leading Association Lobbyists

TRENDS 2014 Leading Association Lobbyists

Association advocates do their legwork in capitals across the country, giving voice to their industries in the attempt to influence lawmakers and regulators. These lobbyists also are ambassadors of the association community, an embodiment of the spirit and power of the right to freely associate and to speak. They are a necessary part of a process that ultimately affects all constituents in this country. TRENDS is proud to again name the Leading Association Lobbyists. Congratulations to them all!

Jon Johnson, Managing Partner, Johnson & Blanton, Tallahassee, Fla.

In the 2013 legislative session Johnson’s firm, which represents 16 associations, assisted the Florida Engineering Society in passing a crucial lawsuit reform bill that protected individual engineers from wrongly being sued. The most recent session in 2014,  Johnson worked with lobbyists for the Florida Healthcare Association to pass litigation reform surrounding nursing homes. This resulted in a bipartisan effort and saw a compromise emerge between nursing home owners and trial lawyers.

In his words:  “One of the wisest association executives once told me ‘if our members don’t know about it…it never happened, which means that communication, communication and more communication is the key element to successfully representing an association. Having worked full time for an association, I know well the challenges that many association executives face in trying to show value  to their members. We work very hard to partner with the association management to show value to members through legislative and regulatory advocacy. Working as a team with the association staff is win-win for all of us.”

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