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TRENDS 2014 Leading Association Lobbyists

Jon Johnson

Association advocates do their legwork in capitals across the country, giving voice to their industries in the attempt to influence lawmakers and regulators. These lobbyists also are ambassadors of the association community, an embodiment of the spirit and power of the right to freely associate and to speak.

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Lobbying firm Johnson & Blanton already at $2.7 million in 2014 earnings

There are 53 organizations out there who look to the lobby team at Johnson & Blanton for expert legislative and executive strategy. And lucky for that, they are. Johnson & Blanton’s four-person team — which just increased in great measure by the addition of Darrick McGhee — tackles issues ranging from the most complex health-care debates to banking, technology, and industry.

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Movers & Shakers – Tampa Bay Times

A longtime presence in state government, Darrick McGhee has left his job as director of legislative affairs for Gov. Rick Scott, and will be starting a new position as vice president of government relations for the lobbying firm, Johnson & Blanton, on Aug. 4th

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